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Please take a look at the listed items in the photos. I want to sell them in one lot. These items have been used sparingly with exception of the Captain’s Choice balms which are about 1/4 full (give or take) and the Resolution balm which is about 1/2 full. I am wanting to make room for other items and these haven’t been used in awhile. The Oleo AS is new. The Sapone di Paolo is the vegan formula.

(Although not pictured, I will also include a once used Ming Shi 3000s adjustable razor).
I am asking $55 shipped CONUS for all the items shown.

[Image: BhPQFs4.jpg][Image: Ln3qowe.jpg][Image: e5Mia4n.jpg]
[Image: xpMgbtT.jpg]

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Great deal. GLWTS.

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