Knothead Brush Works custom brush auction for DFS. Read more here!!

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These are items I’m not using so I would like to sell the entire lot for only $65 shipped and donate all the money to Seattle Children’s Hospital. It’s a Charity I care deeply about and have seen first hand what an amazing place it is.

The soaps have all been used 3X except the Cella (which is brand new). 3 of the Soaps are Haslinger (tallow formula) grated into a premium PETG screw-top container. The scents are: Sandelholz, Salbei, Ringelblumen. The other soap is Edwin Jagger Sandalwood, which has an amazing scent.

You should be able to see the aftershave levels in the pic. A new bottle of Musgo Real sells for $55 each! I have 2 of them to offer here and they are nearly new!

Also throwing in some beard balms, aftershave samples, etc.

[Image: 68892c122e1b4c8e76d4848a8570040f.jpg]
[Image: 33a309bc52031ca1acf35fed09aa44e5.jpg]
[Image: 27caa70a9f6cf30478881539847ce575.jpg]
[Image: 229c090aa5779bdf5d36d6f8ffc63bcb.jpg]
[Image: c6ae71cb9e8dd5a57af6c7f80a809c88.jpg]

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I will also throw in this incredible pottery lather bowl for free

[Image: 1ab477567acf3f1d71b4360a90bf7d86.jpg]
[Image: 18f42fe41db40065a43e87007d9a6ead.jpg]
[Image: 24a9988d3d81bd56772a199816276da4.jpg]
[Image: 1eca9d59357f4b3b61552b0fe9f2b341.jpg]

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