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Found my soaps I prefer to use so I am clearing the den. I always scoop my soap out with a cosmetic scoop and load in a bowl.
4 Paladin soaps Pythian Way, Silk Road, and 2 Crossroads. Each one only used 1-2 times.
Grooming Dept. After the fire approx 60% remaining.
Through the Fire Challenger used once
Henri et Victoria Coconut Used once.
Stirling Peach used a few times.
Razorock Medico Della Peste Used a few times.
Total value over $100.  Sell for $35 shipped Priority Mail CONUS Due to cost of shipping I am not dividing the lot.
[Image: 7pkDj0T.jpg]
[Image: 46Wu7ud.jpg]

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Thank You it is sold

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