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Portland, OR
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Cleaning up in the den…CONUS and PayPal, please. (Approximate current retail in parentheses).

--80 Voshkod blades ($7.20 ) + 20 Gillette Silver Blues ($3)
--16 oz. new Pinaud Clubman ($10)
--Maggard V3A gunmetal head on Rapira handle ($10)
--VDH boar brush lightly used ($8)
--(I’ll throw in repackaged samples of MW Windjammer (Old Spice-ish), MW Bergamot, Cedarwood and Juniper, and Mickey Lee Kraken). Great fragrances, but I’ve got too much.

$26 shipped (total retail value $40+)

Thank you, and just PM me, please.

[Image: Uzgdi5B.jpg]

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