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I could not find solid original pricing on this brush. I’m estimating based on other manchurian brushes of similar size that I have seen lately. I do not have calipers to measure, but it was told to me that the knot was approximately 23mm x 43mm loft. The hair is a very nice example of manchurian and the backbone really excels on the brush. The handle is a beautiful faux cobalt blue, and really pops on a display shelf.

Selling because I need to make room in my den for other incoming hardware.

Here’s your chance to try out the fabled Simpson hair for a fraction of what retail is. PM me with questions. Thanks!

$160 $140 shipped PayPal fees included.

Dry pics:

[Image: ZQcTX85.jpg]

[Image: ElitKSr.jpg]

Freshly rinsed:

[Image: DSTH9vP.jpg]

[Image: mltcfaM.jpg]

[Image: Wq43R61.jpg]

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Bump to the top. Will consider trade offers as well.
Huge price drop. I’m just hoping to move this to someone’s den to experience the lauded Simpson manchurian hair. PM with interest. Thanks!
Still looking for a home. Offers accepted as well. Thanks
Adding a choice of software to the purchase. I’m still finalizing the list, and can provide pics if you’re interested in a deal.
Sold! Thank you!

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