Max Sprecher
Las Vegas, NV
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I'm rotating for new purchases so this is my last grey box era Simpson going up for sale. I'm the original owner. Initially bought the brush from Jim at Vintageblades. This is the older 'made in England' Simpson chubby 2 'super badger' 2 band. Tips are white and soft. An amazing brush but like anything else, I have too many and it's being used maybe a dozen times in all these years. I noticed some very faint barely noticeable aging fissures/crack, which I tried capturing on one of the pictures. Wasn't easy because it's so faint but nonetheless present. It's a very dense knot that measures 28mm x 55mm. Has been thoroughly cleaned and washed. 
I'm asking $215.00 shipping included USA only. Paypal preferred. No trades. SOLD
Int. buyers can contact me for a shipping quote. Custom duties, fees or taxes are the buyers responsibility. 

[Image: 7IfDKzX.jpg]

[Image: gvcpU6n.jpg]

[Image: xlG7EHS.jpg]

[Image: gP1BMbi.jpg]

[Image: 1NCpGiN.jpg]
[Image: R4qOxtA.jpg]

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A. Feitar
Portland, OR
Max, What is the difference between the Grey box and red box era?

Max Sprecher
Las Vegas, NV
(09-25-2019, 07:10 PM)A. Feitar Wrote: Max,  What is the difference between the Grey box and red box era?
 The Grey Box era Simpson are the older ones that were made in England and are Simpson most coveted era of 2 band hair. Pre 2011. They changed to a light green box which was replaced by the red box in 2014. These are approximate dates so someone with more knowledge don't hesitate to correct me. They also changed the decal to say Great-Britain.
"Simple: not to be confused with easy."
They also began printing the model on the back side of the handle, Chubby, Tulip, Duke, whatever. The Somerset made Simpsons just had the lamp black printing on the front. No large engraved model name on the back. Great brushes then, and now.

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