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Want to sell my shobudani mizu asagi. It's been sealed with multiple coats of cashew lacquer,the edges have been chamfered, and stone has been lapped. Will come ready to go. It's on the hard side of shobu's but forgiving hard. Water only laps are no problem though it's still hard enough to blow the edge if you get too sloppy. My edges off this stone have typically been much smoother than my synthetics while still being sharp and keen. You can use a nagura set though I've found using a slurry card after the bevel set can work as a full progression if you put the work in. Dimensions are 6.2"x2.2"x.75". Would like $135 shipped conus ONLY.  Will also throw in a dmt 1200 card for free if you need/want it.[Image: wGF0ee4.jpg][Image: k3rvQno.jpg]
Made a post about a drew Dick. Take both and I'll reduce price by $30
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Drew Dick is sold. Would also possibly trade towards a high end brush.
Can't edit anything, reduced to $135

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