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I need to clear out some of my brushes, up for sale is:
Shavemac Americana 24 mm with a 48 mm loft MSRP $162 Sell for $125 shipped CONUS
Thater 4125 Boar MSRP $90 Sell for $55 shipped CONUS
Follicle & Limb anodized Aluminum  magnetic brush 24 mm knot with 52 mm loft, comes in its own travel case which also becomes a brush holder and razor stand  for more info on this brush website is www.follicleandlimb.com MSRP $125 Sell for $70 shipped CONUS SOLD
Will sell remaining 2 brushes shipped for $150 CONUS
As you can see by the pics these brushes have only been used a handful of times if that many.
[Image: Y6DFCAX.jpg][Image: gPFN7WG.jpg][Image: 9bSAXmf.jpg]
Follicle & Limb brush sold. New offer for Thater and Shavemac. Thank You DFS

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