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I ordered this from Rudy Vey to see if I would like badger better than boar. Tough call, this is the finest brush I have used. Alas, it is still not a boar, and I seem to prefer boar.

The loft is 44mm, the knot 22mm. It was designed as a face latherer, and Rudy helped me find a good backbone with no scritch. He succeeded.

This brush is yours if you like it, shipped to you in the CONUS, for $125.

[Image: 3q7w5Ey.jpg]

Blackstone, Va
Great knot in a cool handle, GWTS
Is that 2 Band Silvertip or 2 Band D-01?

It doesn't look like the typical Silvertip.

All evidence has been buried. All tapes have been erased.

Chazz Reinhold HOF
Bruce, I know Shavemac produces a special knot just for Rudy. It is a 2 band Silvertip. I own four of them in different handles.
Sorry didn't see the questions. It is a Two-Band Silvertip. As the gentleman said, from Rudy Vey.

I am teetering about selling this: I was going to see if it would go right away and if it hung out for too long, I would keep it. It will remain up for a little while. It really is lovely to shave with, if you have used a shavemac fan you know how nice they are. With this loft and knot size, it is ideal for my face size, not too much splay, super soft, but good backbone. I am talking myself out of selling it, but I really need to thin the collection. We'll see!

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