2019 DFS Movember LE - Viking Shaving Brush Read more here!!

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My synthetic shaving brushes have spoiled me into avoiding my badger silvertips, including this handsome Savile Row 3324. I think I've used it three or four times. For the most part, it has sat in the rack unused. So I might as well set it free for an appreciative new owner.
The Savile Row 3324 sets a 24mm silvertip knot to a 54mm loft and a 50mm handle. The brush has medium density and backbone. It's just a sweet brush for both soaps and creams, with a comfortable face feel.
New, the brush cost $148. Your price, including U.S. shipping, is $85  $75[Image: EZCMdcX.jpg]. U.S. sales only, please. No trades, please. Paypal is fine. Thanks.
[Image: AltOJ24.jpg]
I have adjusted the price on the Savile Row. Get it while it’s hot — or something like that.
I have reduced the price on the Savile Row. It's a sweet brush; don't miss out on it.

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