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OK, I went a little crazy and have WAY too many soaps. Rather than trying to sell them piecemeal, let's try this - a very good deal for someone.

This lot has 10 soaps, 1 aftershave, and a shaving brush, bundled for what I think is a good price. All the soaps are very lightly used, most fewer than 3-4 times; the SC Vision, Baker Street, and Razorocks probably a dozen times. I’ve included pics of all to show the levels.

$65 for the lot shipped in a medium flat-rate priority mail box.

The bundle includes:
Stirling Tuxedo Synthetic Brush
B&M Dickens
B&M Lavender Reserve
Stirling Baker Street
Stirling Kaboom Soap + Kaboom Splash
Catie’s Bubbles Rosee du Matin
Soap Commander Vision
Soap Commander Ambition
Blackship Grooming Wassail
Razrock The Freedberg
Razorock xXx

Thanks for looking!

[Image: 3qDLw3i.jpg]
[Image: PGEmfGn.jpg]
[Image: htpq9zD.jpg]
[Image: 8gNBBEx.jpg]
[Image: EyZmA8E.jpg]
[Image: BdINw5W.jpg]
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Nice lot! If you decide to split I'd love to take that Kaboom set off your hands.
Thanks - if that happens the Kaboom set is yours!

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