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All sample soap containers have only had one or shaves scooped. Sherlock is full. There are at least two or three shaves in most of them. Some less, some more. Closer to four in the PAA/Crown King.
CK Tackroom, PAA Sangre De Drago, T+S Himalaya and Maya, Trumper’s Rose cream, Proraso Wood and Spice and Cypress and Vetiver, H&V Fall’s Lumberjack, Wild West Shaving George’s Barbershop and Johnny Appleseed, and Little Bighorn, Chisleled Face Ghost Town Barber and Sherlock, Captain’s Choice North, Barrister and Mann Sinfonia
Stirling Autumn Glory half sample puck. Not lathered, just cut in half.
Stirling Texas On Fire AS sample. 2/3 bottle. Only used once.
PAA Sancre de Draco soap sample. One scoop out.
Sancre de Draco AS sample. 3/4 full.
Crown King Tackroom sample soap. One scoop out.
Stirling Autumn Glory AS FULL SIZE bottle. Used once. 99% full.
CF Ghost Town Barber AS used once. Same for Sherlock.
Captain’s Choice North AS half full.
Proraso wood and spice balm used once.
Barrister and Mann Sinfonia AS half full.
T+S Himalaya AS has been used once. Still has most of the bottle.
T+S Maya AS is unused.
$40 shipped CONUS
[Image: 418256a90fd92397e8a70cc2168ca47f.jpg][Image: 7f305c915c0ea63fe9bca1a72ab3aef7.jpg]
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Will throw in Wild West Shaving Ann Bassett and Winter Lodge scooped full size cans 2/3-3/4 full.
[Image: bb12215be1b95bf61782efe58df8ac26.jpg]
I can’t edit the original post for some reason. Also add a 90% full Proraso green tub. Everything for $30 TYD CONUS. [Image: 97dbc545eec88abc68fccdeb881e64b5.heic][Image: 01f721214158902328ded33be861440a.heic]

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