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PStarting another round of den clearing.
RR SS Lupo DLC used 3 times MSRP $89.99 and is sold out Sell shipped CONUS $85 SOLD

RR Wunderbar slant with SS head and 85 mm Titanium Halo Handle MSRP $130 Sell shipped CONUS $85. SOLD

Timeless Aluminum Set MSRP $75 Sell Shipped CONUS $65. Pic is below

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Lupo sold pending payment
Wunderbar sold. Still waiting payment on Lupo
If that falls through I would be interested in the Lupo.

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Timeless Aluminum Set added MSRP $75 Sell shipped CONUS $65
[Image: 0EMbRmW.jpg]

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The Wunderbar went quickly. That is on my wishlist. They all look to be in great condition and for great prices. GLWTS.
Thank You! The Lupo is sold, the Timeless Aluminum is still available
Timeless Sold. For some reason I can’t edit to change WTS to Sold

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