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Hello Everyone!

Up for sale is a brush that hurts me to part with, but I need some extra funds for vacation this year. It is a Doug Korn custom, cream over translucent aqua. I purchased the knot directly from Romera and it is a 26mm fan in his Manchurian Finest. Romera knots are only sold by themselves on rare occasions and need no introduction, super soft tips with great face feel. I paid $140 total for both the knot and the work done by Doug.

Will also throw in an extra freebie brush. An unused 24mm synthetic from West Coast Shaving in their "tie-dye" handle. A $25 value.

Also adding a 4.2oz bottle of Pino Silvestre Aftershave (95%+) and a Chiseled Face Fauxmere Synthetic knot (I believe it is 28mm, but I am not positive, could be 30mm). Aftershave can be found for $13 online, unable to find a current price on the knot.

Get the 2 brushes, aftershave, and knot for $120 shipped, ConUS.

[Image: 761DenI.jpg]

[Image: 1oSmYou.jpg]

[Image: OJX6K1T.jpg]

[Image: CHdYbPH.jpg]

[Image: x85ez7J.jpg]
Sold! Please archive

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