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Sold! Thank you buyer and DFS!

Just not using these so off they go.

Excellent condition. Both use the Feather Artist Club blades.

Selling as a group/bunch/package only.

Colonial General Head Retail: $25
Rocnel SE50 Retail: $120 with original handle - which this is not.
iKon OSS SS Handles Retail: Usually $20 to $25 each.

In any event, take the pair with handles for $85.00 shipped CONUS only.

Selling as a complete package only for $85.

Paypal for payment.

Will ship USPS Priority with Tracking.

Price: $85

[Image: Jxsv4UO.jpg]

[Image: zp2uJev.jpg]

[Image: LCKT0wj.jpg]

[Image: VWGrnn6.jpg]

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