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I am looking to sell an excellent condition Rocnel Elite 2018 razor with 1.95 blade gap. These were available only from Bullgoose and they are now sold out. This is a very smooth and very efficient razor but I have not reached for it since obtaining my 2.1 Elite. Pictures to be posted this afternoon. The razor and box are included in this sale and I would prefer to ship to the US only at this time. No trades on this one unless you have a brand new ATT copper Windsor H1.

I am asking $170 shipped to the US.
[Image: or6EmVw.jpg][Image: 6y41MuU.jpg][Image: hBvY6KD.jpg]

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A. Feitar
Portland, OR
Is this the one that only fits feather blades?
No, all DE blades should fit this one.
$170 shipped!!!!
Would you consider posting to England?

Northern NJ
Can you make a guesstimate as to what type of efficiency and blade feel this particular gap compares to? I don’t know much about Rocnel admittedly
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To me, this razor provides a shave similar to the ones I received from the 17-4.

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