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For sale:

Rex Ambassador - razor only, works and shaves great.  $145  $140 SOLD

Gillette Aristocrat Jr. - Excellent condition, smooth shaver.  $45  SOLD

Prices include shipping to CONUS.  

[Image: cBtgA0M.jpg?1]
[Image: cBtgA0M.jpg?1]
[Image: VtSh5YK.jpg?2]
[Image: KpzDl5L.jpg?1]
[Image: tsMA7ly.jpg?2]
[Image: SqacZkR.jpg?1]
[Image: nRbGO6F.jpg?1][Image: 6pFLdkW.jpg?1]
[Image: PzOc48F.jpg?1]
[Image: odO8uo0.jpg?1]
[Image: P1q7AqA.jpg?1]

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Aristocrat Jr. is sold. Rex Ambassador still available!
Rex price reduction -- $140 shipped to CONUS!

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