Greater Chicago Area
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Hello DFS,

I'm looking once again to lighten my load a bit :-)

If you'd like to see additional photos of any of the items, let me know.

Will ship CONUS - all prices are shipped.

RazoRock Hawk Aluminum w/stand V1 - $20.00 SOLD
Ever-Ready Shovel Head w/ Ornate Handle - $10.00 UNSOLD
ATT SE1 Calypso Aluminum w/box - $70.00 SOLD
Gillette Slim Adjustable (Delta Echo Refinish): $65.00 SOLD

RazoRock 400 Silvertip - $25.00 SOLD
RazoRock Plissoft - $7.00 SOLD
RazoRock BC - $7.00 SOLD
RazoRock Silvertip w/ Olive Handle - $25.00 SOLD
Omega S-Brush - [s]$0.00 SOLD
Grooming Co (Plisson Style): $12 SOLD

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


[Image: jAzaXsJ.jpg][Image: ZK8yxtu.jpg][/s]

Ferndale, MI
How are the knots on those RR silvertips?

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- Jeff

Greater Chicago Area
The knots are very dense which gives a lot of backbone to them. The 400 seems to have a little more backbone, but that may just be perception! Tips on both are supersoft however and become very "gel-like" when wet.

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Greater Chicago Area
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Reduced pricing posted

DE/SE master
Dfw, Texas
That's a neat looking Slim

Redwood City
ill buy your slim

West By God Virginia
PM'ed you

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