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Have a few heads and handles to get rid of. Totaled my work car so everything I don't touch needs to go. I'm not sure how to do this with all the combinations so it'll be your choice as to which handle with which head. The only exception is the maggard head, there is an extra head so that will be either thrown into an order for free or given away for cost of shipping. As things get sold I'll adjust the post so first come first serve. Everything is in like new condition. Prices include conus shipping and paypal fees.

RR Mamba $50 used 3x
RR sloc $20 used 3x
RR 37 slant $20 used 4x~SOLD
Maggard head~SOLD

The handles are
razorock bamboo
barber pole~Sold
maggard mr5 (never used the mr5)
[Image: eedj5zu.jpg]

img]https://i.imgur.com/Bi0YWVN.jpg[/img][Image: ze6yNG2.jpg][Image: VRFS1n2.jpg]
Only the mamba with bamboo or mr5 handle and sloc with mr5 handle remain.
Only mamba comes with choice of handle now.
Mamba with choice of bamboo or mr5 handle reduced to $50 shipped
Ok let's go mamba and both handles shipped for $50

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