Elizabethtown, KY
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I’ve had this razor for about 2 weeks and kept going back and forth trying to decide between the Jaws and the regular Game Changer OC. They are very similar in feel and performance, but the OC gets the edge in comfort which is my number one priority after efficiency. The Jaws, on the other hand, produces the closest shaves I’ve ever had and I barely have any stubble after 12 hours (normally I can feel it after 3-4 hours). Definitely worth trying if you’re on the fence. 

You can pick from either the RR Bulldog handle (90mm 2.8oz) or the RR Titanium Halo handle (100mm 2.8oz) for $50 shipped. Or both handles for $70 shipped. Also includes an unused RR genuine leather travel case. 

[Image: l9XO4uF.jpg]

[Image: CPZ9Dzv.jpg]

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