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2 items for sale today. Prices include CONUS shipping/fees.

Item 1:

Schick Type E injector with roughly 30 blades included. This razor looks like it just came out of the box in the mid 1940s. Pristine condition. No scratches, plate loss, or pitting. Bakelite handle also in perfect condition. This is a mid-aggressive/aggressive shaver as far as injectors are concerned. $31

[Image: uJph2S9.jpg]
[Image: 4sKvRJT.jpg]
[Image: 2Aet10q.jpg]
[Image: bmTy5Yr.jpg]

Item 2:

Zenith B08 Pro XL aluminum handle boar brush, 28mm x 57mm. Well broken in with soft tips. Logo has worn off of the handle. $13

[Image: 9uNQs6q.jpg]
[Image: fU6SWya.jpg]
[Image: UvLriR6.jpg]

Take both items for $40 shipped...

Thanks for looking.

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- Jeff
That "E" type is their best SE in my opinion. Good old razor.

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