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Want to sell an excellent condition Raw Shaving RS-18 with 9 boxes of lube strips (minus one set that is currently in the razor). This does not come with the fancy Raw Shaving box.

I will consider trades for high end razors or trades plus cash etc. (make trade offers but please don’t take offense if I politely say no thank you).

I am also looking for a brightly colored DG brush or ebonite brushes.

I am asking $335 shipped to the US only due to shipping times overseas.
[Image: AsoowIE.jpg][Image: xAicWzZ.jpg]

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killer price on this package!

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My favourite Razor, GLWTS!

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'fino alla fine'
Price drop

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Great razor, GLWTS!

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how is this still here! one of my two favorite razors. even though i own one, i'm tempted to buy a back up.

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hello. Which plate can RS-10 be compared to?
I have received several offers on this razor but a little lower than I was willing to accept. I am going to split the difference and offer it for $335 shipped to the US.

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Great seller, amazing razor - wonderful price!! GLWS!

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Peachtree City, GA
Seriously, somebody throw out a bid. Busted here or I would

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Just an old slow fat man

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