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Traverse City, Mi
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For sale: iKon X3 Razor with iKon Bulldog handle. Also included is an RR "Old Type" head.  Asking -$55.00- now $45.00 for all.  Price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Terms are CONUS and PayPal only.

Ikon only used about 3 or 4 times. I just find that slants are not for me.  The RR "Old Type" only used once or twice.  I've found another open comb that I like better and haven''t been using the RR.  Sold.

[Image: 23eDcK0.jpg], [Image: 5VDzCq1.jpg], [Image: j6ibPTV.jpg], [Image: 1CcaOex.jpg]
PM sent

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