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Great quality items looking for a new den.
Would possibly be willing to trade for a Karve and cash, especially if you have a Gladius handle, and open to trades for other razors.  Make me an offer.

[Image: QZoI8jD.jpg]

-Sold-Polished Timeless Ti .95 OC baseplate with slopped head, Windrose Ti handle.  Scratch and dent from Timeless on the head is $210, the handle retails for $76, I am asking $225 shipped Conus. -Sold-
[Image: 1NZscrE.jpg][Image: uGuJYV3.jpg]
[Image: kFOm0GG.jpg]

Beautiful orange, grey, and clear with silver flake 26 mm Grizzly Bay Handle with a B8 from Declaration, I am the original owner and paid $235 asking $175 shipped Conus
[Image: MtJjDq8.jpg]
[Image: J7jFu08.jpg]
[Image: UH5miEW.jpg]

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