Living on the edge
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Got a new brush incoming, so the urgency to move this one has increased.

Offering at the lowest I possibly can.

First owner, no issues, used according to guidelines on Simpson site.

No trades.

[Image: S9V5FG3.jpg][Image: X0sKI7y.jpg]
[Image: ijhPRYs.jpg][Image: eBfypTz.jpg]

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Living on the edge
Weekend bump.

Lowest price I've seen for Simpson Manchurian Badger currently.

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Saint Louis, MO
Crazy low. I paid more for the same brush.

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Living on the edge
Someone asked for a clearer picture of the handle so here it is.

[Image: DnRqCSI.jpg]
It is indeed the lowest price for a great brush!

A. Feitar
Portland, OR
Pm sent

Living on the edge
Sold. Many thanks for all the interest.

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