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Letting go of two very rare and lovely items.
Let me know if you have any questions and if you think the price is unreasonable.  

Rafael no longer makes this model of handles. It is in good overall condition with some imperfections through its travels over the years in my outdoor photos. The dimensions are listed on the certificate 12 x 80 mm; 71 grams.
These came without the tubes that Rafael ships his handles in, nowadays.

The DLC head is in overall good condition with a few imperfections, as well, but it sill haves wonderfully.

*** SOLD  $200 shipped CAN/US with tracking #

[Image: J1j3tVXh.jpg]

[Image: yRl63fNh.jpg]

[Image: TSt7VbBh.jpg]

[Image: XOFHp04h.jpg]

[Image: azlYkG7h.jpg]

[Image: jCTZc6Th.jpg]

[Image: ZTxbDbYh.jpg]
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Bah... put it up during my shower! Confusedmile:

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