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Purchased this beautiful razor excellent condition from a respected member here in the forum, it's a smooth efficient shaver. Tried 2 titanium razors so far, the timeless .95 ti and now the paradigm ti v2 they both shave smooth and efficient but I'm finding I prefer the heft of SS razors.

Paid $385 selling for $370 conus/paypal.

[Image: DsBZcAR.jpg][Image: CZq2ZmO.jpg][Image: cEL67l6.jpg]
[Image: M5aADKr.jpg]

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I bought one & it is my best shaver so far. Waiting on a Wolfman coming soon. We'll see,

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The ti v2 is a really great shaver, I can't wait for another offering from paradigm but in stainless steel. What Wolfman did end up getting? Congrats on scooping one of those up btw
Update: sold, thanks everyone who inquired about trade offers and questions

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