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Had a trade lined up, but it fell through so I'm relisting this.

This beautiful brush is up for sale. It's based on one of the most popular paintings ever and one of my personal favorites:

Brush has only been used a few times, but the tips are already splitting. Tips are very soft.

There's a very fine hairline crack near the top of the backside of the brush which is so small I noticed it for the first time when taking the pictures below. Take a look at the last picture. This is reflected in the price. It must have arrived that way because I haven't banged nor dropped it.

Brush has been sterilized with an anti-bacterial soap and zinc pyrithione shampoo.

Retail + shipping is $97.00

My price: $60 includes everything

I MIGHT be open to trades, but not for soaps/aftershaves.

Thread is locked for comments, but if you're seeing this then the brush is still available.
Thanks for looking


[Image: 27qxcy3.jpg]

[Image: J5z4JTW.jpg]

[Image: Dowz3mk.jpg]

[Image: yeidKyY.jpg]

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Price reduction

Another price drop.

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