Selling a new, unused special edition Paladin Winston Churchill in Somerset.
This particular one is now sold out on Paladin site.

Knot Code: 2CLND3

Engraved with the great quote “never, never, never give up”

This is a new handle design called the Churchill. Really cool brush but I’m picky so I’ll pass it along.
Purchased last week for $155

Selling for $145 shipped

[Image: f2982590873d9d32c88190fff8983915.jpg]

[Image: 325e3935aebc0bd1a1057832c3b05171.jpg]


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Tuesday bump. This beauty is still available...
Weekend special... $135.

If I can’t work out a deal this weekend I’m going to pull the listing until after the holidays.

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Hope you'll get your item sold!
Item sold!

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