DFS Movember Lot #3 is now live!! Read more here!!

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Excellent+ condition

Ships in the original packaging tube

Dimensions: 26x51mm


Free shipping to the USA

[Image: 2487fcffb7ee7b3e8c256e6df76ccfac.jpg]

[Image: 6be6a8e9c87d35b9ea6b8f84fedf4f03.jpg]

[Image: c3c6242beaabcdddc135b75244bbb7e1.jpg]

[Image: 283d630cc1e77318bb6a10d17840213f.jpg]

[Image: 3aa3a47bf5345055a31c2fb86545fc86.jpg]

[Image: 219fed16f0187d4308cf5be7ed1bfdb3.jpg]

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