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[Image: dHzsU6m.jpg][Image: wpIlX8U.jpg]Paladin McInroy Legacy Mandarin 26mm. $210 shipped

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Where you come from? (for shipping costs evaluation)
Never Call Your Broker On Monday.
185 shipped

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Chicago, IL USA
PLEASE someone purchase this brush, this has been a very expensive week for me already...

If you don’t have a P-din Lemon Drop colour in your herd, you don’t have yellow represented, and in a Mandarin? Psshhh 185 for a McInroy, if you haven’t test driven this knot, you use public transportation and that’s cool I guess 

Last call, if this brush is NOT sold by 2:30 CST you ppl are forcing me to purchase yet another toy you can’t ever get

Lol, I do not know the seller, but I know the brush!

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