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This brush is in incredible shape. Only used a handful of times. $285 shipped. [Image: MX0agyv.jpg][Image: UP08lU8.jpg][Image: BqoRl8W.jpg][Image: d39rCGx.jpg][Image: 5C5qekh.jpg][Image: l6XK9gD.jpg][Image: 34Wj4Id.jpg]

Munich area, Germany
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Nice, but why is it 50 $ more than the retail sales price?

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It is not $50 over. These special resin brushes in this style are $285.
It's actually $260 for that particular model and size looking at Paladin's website. This isn't saying your price is off, just a correction of what the retail price actually is. Each brush is unique, though, and you can't simply just buy another one that will look just like this.

Wonderful looking brush!

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