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I am selling my gently used Paladin Falstaff brush. First owner. Used less than 10 times. Presents as new. It is part of a large collection and does not get much use. Truth is, I am trying to pare down my collection. I purchased the brush for $228 (including shipping). I am selling for $180 shipping CONUS included. This is >80% savings. Thanks for looking.

[Image: ZT3C0vt.jpg]

[Image: jnlWFa5.jpg]

[Image: gyxtuZd.jpg]

[Image: 0GTjZmk.jpg]
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Where was this offering four days ago? Darn. I just bought a 26mm

$180 is $48 in savings, which makes it a 21% discount, not 80%. This being said, nice brush!

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