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Still slimming down my collection and have two brushes for sale today. Both purchased by me and will come with the original packaging and knot code picture. Prices are shipped CONUS, international works, but add $7.

Paladin Chief 26mm Ivory, knot code 2CSLE4. Purchased for $160 - for sale for $140 Sold

[Image: VkBhul3.jpg]

Paladin Buck Rodgers 26mm Tigris Perla, knot code 2CSNL3. Purchased for $175 - for sale for $155

[Image: NL1rhyV.jpg]

Thanks for looking.
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Pm sent in the Chief

Hey How many time was this used? Does it have all original packaging card, tube etc.
Bought in April of this year and have a large rotation of brushes. If I had to guess, I’d say I have used it 25 times. I have the tube and the card it comes with.

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