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I’m the original owner of this brush. It has only been palm lathered once; never used on the face. For some reason I have misplaced the card but I have included a picture of the exact brush from the Paladin website. This SD5 knot is amazing. Presents as new. Purchased as a barely second for 210.00. I don’t see a flaw in this brush. Asking 175.00 USD shipped.

[Image: f7329348fd28d73b1af1ed25cfa0cfbc.jpg]
[Image: 1fdd50eb553671db87f6c71f46cc4401.jpg]
[Image: 43df9e1163eaa29ea313617aadbf8920.jpg]
[Image: 192f4cb88eef8e03424855ba01571b70.jpg]

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