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I have a Declaration B3 knot & B4 knot for trade. Both knots are set in a Jeff Huck handle. The knots are 24mm. CONUS only. I may be willing to sell if no trade offers come in. I am valuing the brushes at $115 each.

Items I’m interested in trying:

Grooming Dept - Asinus

Declaration B5 knot brushes

Caties Bubbles Luxury Cream Soap

Nuavia Blu

Talbot Soap

Mammoth Soap

Arianna & Evans Asian Plum

Charcoal Goods Razor - Level 2 (can add cash if needed. Not sure of retail)

B4 - Green/Copper Handle ** SOLD **

[Image: 1kiYQWA.jpg]

[Image: 4OTreg9.jpg]

B3 - Lemon Drop ** SOLD **

[Image: 2VVSzlz.jpg]

[Image: GsfVVE4.jpg]

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Lots of trade offers but I’ve decided to sell. Thanks!

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