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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
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Once again I have for sale some individually wrapped NOS Personna 74 Tungsten blades. These are the iconic ones, considered by some to be the finest double edge blades ever produced.  Rare and very difficult to find.  I use each of mine for 15 shaves without any dullness, and some shavers say they get 20+ shaves from each blade.  100 blades total available.  Prices include CONUS shipping. All SOLD

5  Blades $20
10 Blades $38
15 Blades $55
20 Blades $70
25 Blades $84

[Image: sUBpm8q.jpg][Image: PXgkc9X.jpg][Image: DoY9142.jpg][Image: JV8KU2a.jpg][Image: 1fapgkc.jpg]

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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
5 are gone. 95 blades still available.
Interested can you pm me thanks

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