Living on the edge
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This is the open comb razor for those who never thought they could like one.
Smooth, comfortable and efficient, great for a daily driver.
It seemed unused when I received it and Ive shaved with it 4-5 times
Condition is top notch, teeth are straight. I personally polished the razor and coated it
with renaissance wax. Material: Bright yellow brass. Made in England.

Price: $50 (delivered)

[Image: E6dKsFb.jpg][Image: lNilQiR.jpg][Image: uwM5vv4.jpg][Image: pm4bFIk.jpg][Image: WYSqVdy.jpg][Image: IwmUveY.jpg][Image: OMKjU9x.jpg][Image: Nlu5rwN.jpg][Image: uFxaNGO.jpg][Image: ziTBEXM.jpg]
Very cool, and very nice example. Is it nickel plated? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a British New LC that wasn’t a Goodwill, Flat Bottom or Raised Flat Bottom. GLWTS!

Living on the edge
Thank you...the material is bright yellow brass. I have added this into the description.

Living on the edge

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