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All new Myrsol -Glass bottles with Bakelite cap. Shipping CONUS included - no international on this one. I paid $32 each.

all 3 for $70 shipped If you want 2, 47 shipped CONUS. if you want 1, then 25 shipped. (obviously discount as you buy more).

Available flavors:
-Plastic - rose type scent. great face feel
-Limon - Lemon and helps maintain pH balance
-Aqua Balsamic - thyme, rosemary, balamica type scent. healing properties after a rough shave

Pm me with questions.
Here’s the pic. Having a problem editing it to insert the pic from the Tapatalk app.

[Image: fbadd8b644a74a7c70938318a0bcd522.jpg]

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bump - still avilable

Seattle, WA (USA)
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I'll buy the Agua Balsamica. Email me.
Looking forward to the brush. Thanks.


Seattle, WA (USA)
All sold

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