2019 DFS Movember LE - Viking Shaving Brush. Read more here!!

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'm just not using synthetic brushes anymore. I'd like to trade these for software. I'm also open to trading several for hardware. Let me know what you've got.

[Image: GvGQ8qA.jpg]
Tony Forsyth Copper 28mm 
Grizzly Bay 26mm 
Turn n Shave 30mm
Wild West 30mm 
Parker TRADED!
Montalvo 25mm TRADED!
Frilot 26mm TRADED!
Huck 24mm
Lowborn Supply 28mm handle

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New York
Some beautiful brushes there, especially the first two. Great collection.

Some guidance on the types of software you are looking for... Upper tier, no doubt. Scents you gravitate towards? Might be helpful to people interested. Also, if hardware is on the table... Do you use DE or SE or Straight? Anything you have been looking for? Do you prefer vintage or modern razors?

Just trying to help. Good luck with the trade. Again, some awesome pieces... You should be able to find some good SW / HW.
thanks mrdoug. i'm pretty open on software but artisans are better. hardware - anything but straights, preferably modern.

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a few traded, plenty left!

Down South
What is the black and white handle brush on the upper row at the very right. If it's available I can take it just for the handle.

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