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Hello, and thank you for looking.

Here’s a decent start to a beginner &/or travel setup.

Merkur Progress (long handle) + complimentary 5-blade tuck of GSB blades:  I am its only owner.  ***In the last pics below, note on one side of the center hole an area where the metal is bubbled; it came out of the box this way when new 7 years ago.  It does not impact the way the blade is clamped by the ridges on the edges of the base plate.***  I do not have the original box; will be shipped wrapped securely in bubble wrap.  I only looked at Amazon, but current price there for long handled Progress is ~$80USD.

Muhle STF 21mm Brush:  much-loved synth brush fibre, properly sized especially for travel or for those who simply want a smaller knot.  This brush has been used only a handful of times.  I’ve seen the 21mm STF retailing for ~$60USD upwards to $70USD.


***CONUS only***

Asking:  $55 USD ***for both as a set***, or, alternatively, $30 USD for the Progress alone and $35 USD for the Muhle STF.

Method of Payment:  PayPal only and I will only ship to PayPal confirmed address.

I will eat the PayPal fee, and I will pay for shipping via USPS Priority Mail, and I promise to ship no later than end of business the first business day after payment is confirmed.  I HATE when a seller/artisan/vendor takes my money and is casual about fulfillment; you’ll get no such treatment from me.

[Image: IMG-0800.jpg]

[Image: IMG-0801.jpg]

[Image: IMG-0802.jpg]

[Image: IMG-0803.jpg]

[Image: IMG-0804.jpg]

[Image: IMG-0805.jpg]

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Nice to see a seller who is committed to fast shipping. That’s how. I do it as well GLWTS.

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I know this isn't exactly a high-profile-type offering, so I promise I won't be doing this but a couple more times, but, bump it up.

I'm open to offers in trade; I'm just drawing a blank as to what sounds good. Maybe some Wizamet Super Iridium blades + ??
Price reduction
Merkur Progress has been sold offsite, to a person local to me.

The Muhle STF, 21 mm is still available. Only been used a handful of times, and makes a terrific travel brush.
Muhle STF has been sold. Thanks to the buyer and thanks to DFS for hosting this marketplace.

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