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I have 21 CRSW soaps for sale, including some of the original stamped/embossed cans. Some of the cans have some dings, but most of the soaps have been used just a handful of times and there is plenty of soap left in each can. I'd like to keep it in the continental US and sell all 21 for $175 (including shipping). That's a little more than $8 per can. I also have a few of the matching aftershave balms that I would throw in if someone bought the whole lot. I'm not sure exactly where things stand with the latest edition of CRSW but I'm pretty sure you can't get at least some of these anymore.

Here's what's for sale:

Spring Limited Edition
Spiced Amber
Vetiver (embossed can)
Almond (embossed can)
Lavender (embossed can)
Citrus (embossed can)
Bay Rum (embossed can)
Puro Fresco (embossed can)
Sandalwood (embossed can)
Bergamot and Bay (embossed can)
American Barber Shop (embossed can)
Fougere Moderne
Vetyver Fresco v.2
Oliva Colonia Mediterrania
Limenthol v.2
Shave Nook Edition Paradise
Savon No. 1
Jardin d'Orange
Barbiere Sapone
Vetiver Moderne
Tropicos (white plastic jar)

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New England

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