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Hello Damn Fine Shave,

Today I am putting up for sale a one of a kind brush. If you like hefty, substantial feeling brush that has a lot of badger hair in a big knot, well here you go. I think this was made for someone here in the states a few years ago and was bought directly from Lee Sabini in England. If I am a bit wrong or way off, my apologies and I can update the listing. I bought this just for the pure novelty and rarity of it. I did my best to give you a sense of the size, condition and visual of the handle and hair. A couple notes, this knot has an area on the outer right side that has a patch of hair tips that are visually whiter in color. Look in the photos where the front is shown and with the tips are wet. It should be clear that it is simply a aesthetic difference in the knot but the tips are still going to feel gel tipped on the skin.

The knot has a lot of hair and a lot of backbone even though it is fannish looking. The best description of the feeling of the knot is the top area of the canopy will be in most contact with the skin. I think that this brush when lathering will have a sweet spot where you use the hair above the bloom and just outside the peak or face of the knot. The knot has normal English construction and bears stiffness in the lower and deeper part of the knot. In other words, it has a glue bump.

If you are interested in buying this, I am hoping to get $310 $295 USD. I paid $350 for this brush so depending on if you are buying within CONUS, outside CONUS, and/or if you want insurance on it. So if you would like to purchase, PM me please and let me know where you are and how you would like to have it shipped and I can give you the price it would be including the shipping. As usual, let me know if you have any questions.

Cheers!  Smile

Overall Brush Height: 127.5mm
Handle Height: 70.5mm
Handle Base Width: 48mm

Knot Diameter: 34.5mm
Loft Height: 55.7mm
Canopy Height: 32.8mm
Bloom Width: 83mm

[Image: aXxis5F.jpg]

[Image: sffJs3R.jpg]

[Image: LfPPj8j.jpg]

[Image: KJIegzg.jpg]

[Image: Qqlx4ej.jpg]

[Image: Eck6laF.jpg]

[Image: gtDAznT.jpg]

Closer photos of the hair tips before wetting:

[Image: UwOW0ED.jpg]

[Image: N3fpnLQ.jpg]

[Image: 3amZ3JJ.jpg]

Here you a couple pictures where I am apply some pressure on the glue bump. Generally, the free loft is above my thumb.

[Image: oF55Sq7.jpg]

[Image: QcBNXN0.jpg]

After a wetting, you can see how the tips hold water and form together in clumps:

[Image: hs0SA2s.jpg]

[Image: zHU1x5B.jpg]

[Image: sTi9QMB.jpg]

[Image: zEui1fw.jpg]

[Image: 1Xu9kCk.jpg]

[Image: jNAciXi.jpg]

[Image: 8BsDDPA.jpg]
Starting to load some SV Manna 4.0 and how the tips collect the proto lather:

[Image: zAiVxpG.jpg]

[Image: W5sFh3x.jpg]

[Image: 2CafCFy.jpg]

[Image: qWrNinu.jpg]

Now to lather what was loaded:

[Image: glilR3N.jpg]

[Image: WSosMCB.jpg]

[Image: X4C5Law.jpg]

[Image: Tme8OMu.jpg]

[Image: fjluoM9.jpg]

Lather removed and rinsed as well as post bloom:

[Image: pjZEhkt.jpg]

[Image: vHaAayD.jpg]

[Image: pXuEja5.jpg]

Idaho Falls, Idaho
I love that brush! Some lucky guy is going to get a soap destroyer.

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