Knothead Brush Works custom brush auction for DFS. Read more here!!

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TUTwo The Varlet brushes for sale 
Decided to keep one brush
The buyer can choose 

The Everset U2 
25 mm The Finest Grade knots 
Black Ebony or  White Ivory.
$500 if two purchased together

$250 $235 $225 $215 $205 PayPaled and shipped in
Continental US

IPhone made pictures do not do the justice.
Amazing looking and performing brushes

The only trades I would consider - for Mozingo ZT1

[Image: 8kjWewf.jpg]

[Image: XVJ9WQC.jpg]

[Image: mAJv9aa.jpg]

[Image: RyZT0kn.jpg]

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Beautiful brushes, Alex - great seller here!

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Thank you Ian,
I am in anticipation of several new brushes arrival and
need to free up room in my den.
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Decided to keep one brush;
The price adjusted
Price reduction
Monday bump
Second price reduction
$215 Shipped to CONUS
Very nice brushes. Surprised they have not sold yet.
Are the brush new or used?

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