Homelike Shaving Start DE Razor DFS Raffle. Read more here!!

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I want to sell all of this stuff today, so I’m putting an ultra low price on it... no separating items.

First $65 takes it all... (I’ll even pay for shipping)

The Gillette’s are user grade but work perfectly. The date code on the Blue Tip is B3.

[Image: ac1dcbe193c78de6043375e95be23a05.jpg]

[Image: ff73e8f339dce5726dd0a95ae9e940e6.jpg]

[Image: c7d3aae7c70c7abdf8b736448b72b0b8.jpg]

[Image: 8863a64b238da926ec165126743f844f.jpg]

[Image: c5d75c388b63e1132dffcf0f7c7bbc67.jpg]

[Image: ed11759c4e5f2df47b83c5452e361cdb.jpg]

[Image: 6578cba6456507e88e5c90a3b8005ddd.jpg]

The level on the B&M Spice AS is 80%... the L&L is 75%

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