Seattle, WA (USA)
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The Krect-Shave Razor, also called the Spiral Curve Razor, was invented by Chester Gratiot in the early 1930s, and produced in Portland Oregon until WW2.  He died in 1944.  There were 3 versions of the razor.  This is the final one.  A great razor, that because of Gratiot's early death and Gillette's big $, was little known outside of the Pacific Northwest.  Had he lived 20 years longer, things might have been different.  So it goes.  This is a fine example, complete with an unopened pack of Krect blades.  $120 shipped CONUS only.  No International Shipping.  More pictures available on request.  Please PM me if interested.  Thank you.

[Image: gqJcUqT.jpg][Image: jUp22C5.jpg]

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Nice razor. I have never seen one of those before.

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Seattle, WA (USA)
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