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Irving Barber Company Shavette. Tried only once on the cheeks. Can't see myself wanting to pursue this method of shaving, so I'm sticking with DE's.

Comes with Box, and 19 remaining Personna injector blades from the 20-pack it was ordered with. Also, extra washers.

Paid $82 USD + shipping

Letting it go for $70 USD Shipped CONUS or Canada.

PayPal. Please add 4% for G&S fees.

Sorry, not trades as I'm looking to fund other items.

Thanks for looking.

[Image: Yo87xUj.jpg]
[Image: QCF3VqP.jpg]
[Image: Be6phwZ.jpg]
[Image: WLrbNBh.jpg]
[Image: px4G26S.jpg]
[Image: 6MTwWSS.jpg]
[Image: F6ewgaP.jpg]
[Image: SieESx9.jpg]


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