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Selling as a group lot, one Boar, Manchurian Badger, HMW Badger & synthetic.
First is a Zenith Copper Handle 28 x 57 mm Boar MSRP $38.50
Next Zenith Copper Handle Manchurian Badger 28 mm MSRP $95
RazoRock Chubby Cherry Handle Extra Silvertip 27.5 mm Badger MSRP $79.99
Wolf Whiskers Black Wolf Synthetic bulb 26.5mm MSRP $89
Selling all 4 shipped CONUS $75, additional 7.50 USD shipping to Canada.
All of these brushes are in excellent condition but the Zenith Copper Handles has Patina.
[Image: 0m1zOTK.jpg][Image: AljrE6C.jpg]

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What a great offering from a stellar seller - GLWS!
Sold Thank You

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