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You don’t see these come up for sale much anymore!

I’m not using it, so here it is... but I won’t be sad if it doesn’t sell!

No longer in production. R41 aggression but much smoother and better handling due to the sleek design.

** Sold **

I will also throw in a variety of blades as a freebie

[Image: f0b446b70669d9583ee5b5f662a6c0d2.jpg]

[Image: 21a4ed4845f34826afabe041bb41bed7.jpg]

[Image: 505db9db05349db99830b1190f9f9178.jpg]

[Image: 97305bf00aa797188c3575aec63511d7.jpg]

[Image: a8e5307d88c8351368c042b87e5d22c8.jpg]

[Image: 2be3d11cfa1762c00af0f1910d297a91.jpg]
Out of curiosity, how much did you sell it for?

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