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For sale is a brand new I Coloniali soap in the terra cotta bowl. $50 shipped to US/Canada. SOLD

Nuavia Rossa, used 10X. (Retail $64) $50 shipped US/Canada.

Add on: Razorock 400 Plissoft. Used about a dozen times. (Retail 19.99). $10 with any purchase. Only 1 available.

[Image: 28aa995dc590ab151e1a1cb1fad1e7bf.jpg]

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Photos of Nuavia Rossa and Razorock 400

[Image: e3417e289ce5cf3f9b459b99fa5eb1ef.jpg]
[Image: aeaa4978b6c3c6dfec56aeeae688041e.jpg]

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Nice soaps!!!
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Take the Nuavia and Razorock brush for $50. Also willing to trade for a Rockwell 6C.

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